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BIZZO     02/14/2011 - 04/29/2023


I'm BIZZO ! The Good Boy on the Bottle. 

These treats were created to help  amazing dogs like me. I hope you love them too !

Bizzo started life as a normal dog, but quickly grew into the smartest dog you could ever know. He comforted and protected all beings, and befriended everyone without hesitation. He was an absolute gentleman with an amazing soul.

Bizzo could speak to all people. His everyday goal was to meet new friends and make himself known. He was so incredibly intelligent that he learned names and faces and he would accept each and every person as his "friend" and never forgot a single person. The one-on-one time he spent being mindful in the moment and absorbing everything within his engagement was remarkable and it made his abilities so noticeable that we developed him into an official service animal. He once saved a mans while in service, which was a remarkable experience for everyone to witness .

He comforted so many people- and especially helped me within my own life. He was certainly a blessing, helping me through years with trauma, ptsd, panic disorder and brain injury. He was a blessing to so many.

Bizzo grew into an old man and so we started using cannabis to help him with cancer and some of the joint pain that comes with age. We shared these products with friends and it just organically opened itself into a rewarding way for Bizzo to make friends, help others, and spend time with people and pets. When he left us, we were left with a difficult decision of whether or not to continue the pet products. We just felt there's too many memories that would make it hard for us to be happy doing it, but once we had a chance to speak about this with friends we realized we should honor him and continue his legacy through helping others.

Through Bizzo I learned that the number of years in your life doesn't matter, it's the LIFE in your years that matters.

Take Care Friends.



Our favorite part is interacting with our customers ! Our customers are always happy and always so very friendly. They visit us with enthusiasm and kindness and that brightens our day ! 

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