Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Monroe Street Fair will be 19 years old this Hash Bash weekend on April 4th 2020. The street fair which takes place on Monroe Street in Ann Arbor Michigan begins after Hash Bash. You will see thousands of people walking and chilling along the street and in the places in between. Vendors, Concert Music and People who gather together and bond with one common interest , WEED! Ganja! Marijuana! Cannabis! Monroe Street Fair is a celebration , a time to relax with people who love cannabis. There are no THC marijuana sales at the Monroe Street Fair , but you can find marijuana businesses handing out promotional items , selling swag , and if you stop by ZILLAS booth we will be selling our CBD products at wholesale costs while also treating you to samples and answering any questions about our products. We will also have a official Limited Edition Hash Bash Sticker to remember the event by, which will come free with purchase of our product.

HASH BASH started 49 years ago. It is actually a protest that occurs at HIGH NOON on the diag of the University of Michigan. It will happen on April 4th, 2020 this year (04.20 hehe). Story tells it that John Sinclair was arrested for selling 2 joints to undercover police, and the community had developed Hash Bash to protest the wrongfulness of punishing someone like John Sinclair over the glorious cannabis plant. The event has later developed to FREE THE WEED ! to legalize marijuana and free it from laws that render it illegal. Last Hash Bash was the first time it had taken place since Michigan legalized marijuana and the event was bigger than ever with happy faces. We know celebrate this historical event in remembrance to how far we've come in those 49 years. Make sure you head down to Ann Arbor early in your cannabis attire if you have any, bring a chair or a blanket in case you plan to bask in the sun while taking in the joint smoked air alongside what the speakers have to say. After the protest, take a short walk to the monroe street fair for entertainment and fun that will stretch into the early evening hour. Hash Bash and Monroe Street Fair is a FREE EVENT.

Hash Bash CUP is an all weekend party in Ann Arbor that requires a TICKET to attend, this year April 3rd, 4th, and 5th. We will be in attendance at this event as well. For any questions or inquiries about the event you must contact the event itself as we are not affiliated with the hosting. You don't want to miss out on this party !

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