Copemish 420 Cup Event

Cannabis has been legalized in Michigan for medicinal use since 2008 and for recreational use since 2018. Despite this remarkable transformation for cannabis users in the Great Lakes State it is unfortunate that there is still an immense amount of stigma associated with cannabis use. How do we break this stigma ? By uniting with one another in a place where we can converse and educate each other and empower each other.

The First Annual Copemish 420 Cup will take place April 17th and 18th.

It's a 420-friendly outdoor event that will feature Activist Speakers and Live Music. It's open to all ages - though there will be a special designated area for cannabis users that requires a medical card for entry. It's a great place to meet other cannabis friendly people.

We participate in cannabis events and gatherings like this as much as we can find. As a leader in the cannabis industry and as cannabis users ourselves, we feel we have to take a noticeable stand against the challenges cannabis users face. We also utilize this exposure to help bring education and awareness to the types of products we offer.

We hope to see you in the small, northern town of Copemish, Michigan. It's vital for us to stand together- united- not only as caregivers and patients , but as people

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